Meet Andrew

Biography: Orange County Supervisor Andrew Do

Andrew Do’s experience as an elected County Supervisor, former deputy District Attorney, and Chief Financial Officer of his business have uniquely prepared him to serve as California’s next State Treasurer.

After decades of service, Andrew’s perspective on public service remains defined by the hardship he and his family felt as refugees from war and the fall of Saigon with just the clothes on his back.

Investing in Our Economy and Our People

Andrew’s forward thinking, reform minded leadership are at the heart of his campaign for the State Treasurer and shape his vision for the investment, management, and public works financing overseen by State Treasurer.

As Andrew rolls out his proposals over the coming months, expect to see thoughtful policies designed to strengthen our investment in California’s economy and its people.  From increased low-cost, tax-exempt investments in affordable housing to further economic transition toward renewable energy investments it’s clear Andrew Do will bring a thoughtful approach to the Treasurer’s office.

Giving Hope To Those Most In Need

His experience as an immigrant drove Andrew to focus his law studies on marginalized communities by volunteering to provide legal assistance to the homeless, poor, and indigent.  Today, Andrew’s work to help those less fortunate takes place on a larger platform.

As Chairman of Orange County’s $4 billion public health plan, CalOptima, Andrew has sought organizational reform and implemented policies to solve the root causes of poverty by addressing the social determinants of health.