Andrew Do Wins State Senator Ling Ling Chang’s Endorsement

ORANGE COUNTY – June 27 – Andrew Do’s campaign continued racking up support today when the Supervisor received the endorsement from State Senator Ling Ling Chang.

Chang who has fought in the Senate to combat homelessness praised Andrew Do’s record on addressing the crisis during his tenure as Orange County Supervisor, saying he has “made significant strides towards helping the homeless, providing more services and permanent housing resources for the thousands of homeless veterans living on our streets.” Chang continued, “I proudly endorse Supervisor Do for re-election and will stand with him in his fight to address homelessness with compassion and resolve.”

Supervisor Do responded, “I thank Senator Chang for her support. It’s incredible what we accomplish when people work together to focus on our County’s most pressing challenges.”

He continued, “I was proud to launch Orange County’s data-sharing tool for medical providers and agencies to streamline homeless services. Aimed at closing the service gaps, the new technology will allow agencies to develop a personalized plan of action for every participating homeless person.”