Supervisor Andrew Do Releases First Ad And Launches 2020 Re-election Campaign

ORANGE COUNTY – April 2 – Today, First District Orange County Supervisor Andrew Do officially announced his re-election bid and released his first ad, highlighting Andrew’s real progress towards ending homelessness, fighting for affordable and better access to healthcare for our veterans and keeping Orange County’s schools and streets safe.

The campaign also launched a new website highlighting Supervisor Do’s track record of delivering on his promises to the voters.

Before Andrew was elected as Supervisor, the streets of Orange County were engulfed with homeless encampments and poverty. Now Orange County’s neighborhoods are cleaner and safer, and the homeless are getting the care they deserve because of Supervisor Do’s work.

“Public office is a public trust,” Supervisor Do said. “That’s why when I ran for County Supervisor I knew I had to deliver results. By putting one step in front of the other I have fought hard to tackle our County’s biggest challenges. We are ending homelessness one step at a time.”

He continued, “This election is no different. I’m asking for the public’s trust once more, to finish what we started. Much of what we hope to accomplish is now within our grasps, but our work isn’t over.”

Chief Strategist for Supervisor Do’s re-elect campaign, John Thomas said, “It’s not often that a politician actually delivers on what he pledges to do. Supervisor Do promised and delivered. We intend to run another tough and robust campaign to deliver four more years to the people of Orange County of real accomplishments.”