Supervisor Andrew Do Unveils Impressive Fundraising Haul

ORANGE COUNTY – August 2 – Today, the Supervisor Do for re-election campaign announced a large fundraising haul, outraising every County elected official this period and providing the Do campaign with a significant spending advantage in the race for Orange County Supervisor, according to new finance reports.

Supervisor Do has collected over $590k in his campaign and locked up all the major countywide endorsements.

Chief Strategist for Supervisor Do’s campaign, John Thomas, said, “Andrew Do’s campaign is surging with impressive endorsements and now a fundraising haul that rivals fundraising efforts across SoCal. Do has the resources, support and unmatched track record of delivering results to the constituents of the First Supervisorial District. The campaign feels confident that the Supervisor will win re-election by overwhelming numbers.”

Supervisor Do stated, “I’m energized by the outpouring of support our campaign is receiving. I look forward to delivering another four years of real accomplishments for Orange County’s families.”